Thomas T.F.S. offer various options for transportation in EUROPE with particular reference to Great Britain and the Greece.



  Put the customer first
  • Seek the maximum possible integration with the customer, to satisfy their requirements.

  • Expand markets served, to facilitate the customers.
  • Constantly monitor customer satisfaction.



  Consider the people at the center of the organization:
  • Pay attention to human resources, with appropriate training programs.
  • Carefully consider the skills and personal characteristics of each individual.



Consider suppliers as partners:

  • Enstablish partnership, with suppliers,optimizing integration.
  • Constantly check the quality of suppliers.



Be careful of any safety standards:

  • Follow all safety standards.
  • Disclose and verify constantly, through training and information, following  for the relevantlegislative decrees.


  To achieve these objectives  requires total involvement and commitment.

The Management is an active part of this project and counts on the full cooperation of staff.